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Clumsy Bears go to the Fair!

It's so exciting to be going out to the fairs and meeting people again after what we have all been through in the last couple of years.

Thankfully 2022 has meant a return of the fairs and our first outing in February was to the Swaffham MBS (mind, body & spirit) Fair where we met some lovely people. Three of our lovely bunnies found their forever homes and many of our super handy phone cushions were brought for gifts and personal use. Especially popular were the bees and foxes! We will be back at the Swaffham MBS Fair on Saturday 16th July 2022.

Now it is time to prepare for our next fair, I need to make sure that I manage my time to fit in making new Clumsy Bear creations alongside the Memory Bear and Wedding Bear orders. Quite often you will find me hand sewing little bears and bunnies on the sofa in front of the TV in the evenings. I love sewing the face on as that brings the bear or bunny to life, quite often I look at the face and just want to keep them all to myself!

Of course there is more to just sewing to prepare for the craft fairs, I have to make sure I have all the signage ready and each bear has to be labelled to comply with the rules. As all my bears currently are for adult collectors over 14 only, I must add this to the labels and ensure all components are listed and the price is set for a collectable and not a toy!

Then of course I make sure that my insurance is up to date.

Then it's time to get advertising on the social media channels and here on the website.

Coming up to the day I make lists (I do love a list!) so that I don't forget to pack everything on the day!. If I am going for a new stall layout, I will practice the day before and take a photo so that I remember where everything goes on the day. I make sure my table clothes are washed (I have a lovely new yellow one, ready for spring and summer), check I have working batteries for my fairy lights and my card machine is charged. I also make sure that I have plenty of business cards to give out and signage showing information on the bespoke memory and keepsake items that i make to order.

Then I check the lists, pack and check the lists again!

Then I am all set for the day and excited to see everyone at the next fair!

See you there

Marcia x

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