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A Teddy Bear for Ukraine - Help the animals

We all know about the situation in Ukraine at the moment. We are especially worried about our Teddy Bear Artist friends in Ukraine that we have met at both the Teddy Bear show at Woburn Abbey and at Hugglets, the Teddy Bear show in London.

The artists from Ukraine are among the best in the world!

One lady in particular is Daria Pogorelaya. She lives in Kyiv and I have been following her story on Facebook since the start of the war. She has bravely stayed behind in Kyiv and is dedicating her time and energy to feeding all the dogs and cats left behind following the evacuation of families. She is updating us daily on Facebook with pictures of all the animals she is helping both in peoples homes and on the streets.

She has shared with us a way of helping her through her website and I cannot help but be moved by her efforts and feel that I should help if I can.

I initially auctioned the little bear 'Hope' on the Clumsy Bears Facebook page last weekend and following that effort and a further donation I have so far managed to send her £55 to help buy food.

The lady that won the little bear subsequently asked me to add the word 'compassion' and auction again to raise more money. As I couldn't fit the word on such a small bear, I have made a tote bag to go with him.

Therefore, the new auction starts now and will run until 6pm on Saturday 19th March. The rules are as follows:

  • The auction includes the little bear 'Hope' - he is made from Mohair and is fully jointed and stands at 5 ins tall. Due to the components, this bear is not suitable for children under 14. Also included is the tote bag as shown in the photos.

  • To make an offer, please either send a message to Clumsy Bears via our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or email please include your name and contact details. (These will deleted after the auction has finished)

  • In the event of there being more than one highest offer at 6pm on Saturday, i will contact those involved at 6pm. If they do not wish to up their offer further and there is a tie, I will draw the names at random and video the process to share with you.

  • I will let you know if you have been outbid in order for you to raise your bid if you want to.

  • If you are the winning bidder, please tell me if you are happy for me to release your name or if you would prefer to remain anonymous

  • In the event that Daria is no longer accepting donations or is no longer helping the animals, the money raised will be donated to the Red Cross Ukraine appeal.

Thank you

To view Daria's wonderful bears - go to

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